Week-end Seminars
Megalithic week-end seminars can be organised for groups of up to 17 people (9 bedrooms). Please get in touch to organise details.

Courses are designed to allow you to feel on holiday. Megalithic activities take place every morning, from 9:30 to 12:30 with perhaps one sunrise event, afternoons are free (except Thursdays) and there are some evening events, with additional activities according to the time of year (see Dates). There are many splendid sandy beaches in the Carnac area. Some are in sheltered bays, others are on the ocean coastline and are spots for surfers. There are also countless country walks, cycling paths, horseriding ...

First Visit Course - Discovery
 Day Morning  Evening
 Saturday Arrival from 3pm onwards.  6:30pm : Introductory talk and slide show. (1hr)
Why Carnac was chosen as the home of the world's first monumental architecture.
Visit to the Crucuno dolmen and rectangle, Saint Barbe alignments. Use of the 12 knotted rope.
 6:30pm : Talk on Crucuno and the 3-4-5 triangle. (1hr) 

Monday The Carnac Alignments. Three parts make a whole. Free
TuesdayTumulus Saint Michel, Tumulus de  Kercado and Le Manio menhir and quadrilateral. 6:30pm : Talk on the Carnac megalithic complex.
Wednesday Erdeven Alignments. 4km walk to discover the spectacular but little known megalithic alignments, hidden in the woods. Mane Bras and Mane Groh dolmens. Free
Thursday  (Morning and afternoon) Le Grand Menhir Brisé (the world's largest standing stone) and the monuments of Locmariaquer, La Table des Marchands, Tumulus of Mane Lud and Mane Er Hroeck, engraved menhir du Bronzo, engraved dolmens of Mane Ruthual and Les Pierres PLates.
Bring a picnic
 Friday The megaliths of the Quiberon peninsular; Goulvars and Beg er Vil menhirs, Mane Meur, Saint Pierre Quiberon alignments and stone circle. Party evening.
 Saturday Departure around 10am. 

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